Syringe A-6 with a soft tip 210ml


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Syringe A-6 with a soft tip 210ml

Syringes are intended for medical purposes in hospitals and for individual use: for douching, irrigation and suction of fluid from the postoperative cavities and body cavities.

The syringes are hypoallergenic, have a high absorption capacity, their surface is smooth, smooth, without cracks.
The syringe plastisol No. 6A volume is 210 &№177; 20 ml

group 80 pieces

Instructions for use:

Before use, the syringe bottle and the tip should be disinfected by immersion in boiling water for 30 (+ -5) minutes. Before applying the syringe tip, grease the tip with neutral grease (petroleum jelly, lanolin). The syringe should not be in contact with the drug solution for more than 30 minutes. After applying the syringe, rinse with hot water to remove the medicinal solution and dry.

The syringe should be stored indoors at a temperature of +5 C to +40 C and relative air humidity up to 70% at 25 C away from heating devices. The syringe should not be exposed to direct sunlight, gasoline or other solvents.


Do not use syringes for oily substances!