Fermatron C prosthesis synovial fluid 2.3% 3 ml No. 1 syringe


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Fermatron C prosthesis synovial fluid 2.3% 3 ml №1 syringe

pharmachologic effect

Fermatron C Synovial fluid prosthesis:

  • restores the viscous-elastic and protective properties of the joint fluid;
  • reduces inflammatory reactions;
  • eliminates pain;
  • increases joint mobility;
  • restores homeostasis in cartilage;
  • stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid;
  • shown at any stage of osteoarthritis and after arthrocopic interventions;
  • clinically reliable result after the fourth injection;
  • Intraarticular is injected with an interval of 7 days;
  • long-term effect and no side effects;
  • the only contraindication when using Fermatron (Fermathron): the presence of infection in the area of ​​administration.

Mode of application

injection. Course duration 1 day. Stage I - II osteoarthrosis in athletes and individuals with high physical stress on the joints to achieve quick results and maximum protection of the joints.