Fermatron plus prosthesis synovial fluid 1.5% 2 ml No. 1 syringe


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Fermatron plus prosthesis synovial fluid 1.5% 2 ml No. 1 syringe

Fermatron - viscoelastic drug for injection into the synovial space of the joints, used in osteoarthrosis of large joints. Thanks to the new technology of synthesis and purification, it contains hyaluronan equivalent to natural human. Restores the visco-elastic and protective properties of joint fluid, reduces inflammatory reactions in the joint, eliminates pain, increases joint mobility, restores homeostasis in articular cartilage, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. It is used in post-traumatic and degenerative osteoarthritis of large joints.
  • eliminates pain;
  • improves joint mobility;
  • protects articular cartilage;
  • stimulates the synthesis of its own hyaluronan.

Pharmachologic effect:

Pharmacological action - compensating for the lack of synovial fluid.

Action on the body:

The action of Fermatron Plus is due to their biocompatibility and physicochemical properties.
Fermatron Plus synovial prosthesis is a clear sterile solution of 1.5% HMW-sodium hyaluronate in saline phosphate buffer solution, placed in a pre-filled syringe for a single intra-articular injection into the synovial space of the joint.

Component properties:

Sodium hyaluronate in the composition is a biopolymer consisting of repeating disaccharide units of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (long-chain polysaccharide). It is shown that this biopolymer synthesized by the bacterium Streptococcus equi is identical to sodium hyaluronate contained in the human body. The hyaluronan contained in the composition complements the natural hyaluronan contained in the synovial membrane, the amount of which has decreased due to degenerative changes or traumatic injuries of the knee joint. Sodium hyaluronate is a natural component of the human body.
Fermatron Synovial Fluid and Fermatron Plus The synovial fluid has a pH similar to that of the synovial fluid.


To relieve pain and stiffness in the knee, hip, ankle joints of patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis,resulting from degenerative and traumatic changes in the synovial joint.


Do not enter with inflammation or signs of skin disease at the injection site.
Do not use in patients with known hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate.
Use during pregnancy and lactation
Safety of use during pregnancy and lactation has not been established.

Side effects:

With intra-articular administration, temporary transient pain and swelling is possible.
In rare cases, an inflammatory reaction, septic arthritis or arthralgia may occur, which may or may not be associated with use.
The compatibility of simultaneous intra-articular administration with other substances has not been tested. Therefore, mixing or simultaneous administration of other intra-articular drugs is not recommended.

Special instructions:

Do not use if the packaging is damaged.
The syringe which is a part - the disposable device intended only for one patient. When used for the second patient, sterility will be impaired and there will be a risk of reaction to a foreign body or infection.
Not re-sterilized, as This may impair the function of the device.
You must use a sterile needle that should be thrown away after a single use.
It is forbidden to use after the expiration date.
Sodium hyaluronate is obtained by fermentation of bacteria Streptococcus equi and thoroughly cleaned. However, the physician must consider the immunological effects and the potential risk associated with the injection of any biological substances.
Not intended for children.
For safe use and disposal of needles, national and local rules and regulations must be observed.

Release form:

On 2 ml of Fermatron Plus sterilized by filtration. The prosthesis of synovial fluid is placed in a glass disposable syringe ready to use. The syringe is packed in a blister pack, and then in a cardboard box. The outer surface of a pre-filled syringe is sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Storage conditions:

Keep out of the reach of children.


Active substance:  
Sodium Hyaluronate 15mg
Excipients: sodium chloride Ph.Eur - 9 mg; sodium dihydrogen phosphate Ph. Eur. - 0.27 mg; sodium phosphate monobasic Ph. Eur. - 0,092 mg; water for injection Ph. Eur. - enough

Mode of application

For patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joints, it is recommended to inject 2 ml of the drug into the synovial cavity of the knee joint 1 time per week for 1–3 / 1–5 weeks (for Fermatron Plus Prosthetic synovial fluid / Fermatron Prosthetic synovial fluid, respectively).

The health care professional should specify the dosage regimen for injection into the synovial space of the hip, ankle and shoulder joints.

It is recommended to perform injections in the hip, ankle and shoulder joints under ultrasound or fluoroscopic control.

The duration of the effect in patients with mild or moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joint is up to 6 months.

The duration of the effect with the introduction of the hip, ankle and shoulder joint has not been established.