Fermatron prosthesis synovial fluid 1% 2 ml №1 syringe


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Fermatron prosthesis synovial fluid 1% 2 ml №1 syringe

It is a visco-elastic preparation of sodium hyaluronate. It is used in the form of injections into the synovial space of the knee joint in case of osteoarthritis of weak or moderate degree; it has a persistent therapeutic effect - from 6 months or more since the last injection. The average course is 4 injections with a break of 1 week.

Special features

Do not allow the freezing of the drug!
Only a specialist must administer the drug!

Pharmaceutical action

Sodium hyaluronate molecule (gilan, the biological analogue of natural hyaluronan) is a polysaccharide consisting of repeating disaccharide units of N-acetylglycosamine and sodium glucuronate.

Sodium hyaluronate for intra-articular injections.

Sodium hyaluronate is used in the form of a sterile visco-elastic implant for intra-articular injection into the synovial space in patients suffering from a weak or moderate degree of osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis.

Used in the treatment of knee and other synovial joints.
Sodium hyaluronate is an analogue of human synovial fluid.

The therapeutic effect is due to the “viscosity replenishment” effect, due to which the physiological state and the rheological status of the tissues of the affected joint are improved.
Also, the introduction of hyaluronate triggers a “trigger”, that is, restores the ability of the joint to produce endogenous hyaluronan.


Hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate.
For intra-articular injections:

  • The presence of infected wounds, abrasions in the joint;
  • Infected or severely inflamed joint;
    venous or lymphatic stasis on the side of the affected joint.
  • It is not recommended to administer synoviitis before stopping in view of the dilution of the drug with synovial fluid and a possible reduction in the therapeutic effect.
  • Should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as patients suffering from inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

special instructions

Use with caution in patients with drug hypersensitivity.
Sodium hyaluronate should not be administered with significant intra-articular effusion.
It is important to follow general precautions for intra-articular injections.

Treatment of the skin at the injection site should be carried out by means NOT containing quaternary ammonium salts.
Immediately before the introduction of the solution to bring to room temperature.
FERMATRON should be inserted carefully into the joint cavity. It is impossible to inject the drug extraarticularly, including in the synovial tissue or joint capsule. This is fraught with local adverse reactions. DO NOT allow the drug to enter the bloodstream.
After the injection, the patient is recommended sparing mode and no load on the joint in the first days.
Do not use the drug in case of damage to the syringe or packaging.
The drug is not used to treat pregnant women and children under 18 years of age.
During the course of treatment with FERMATRON, the introduction of anesthetics or other pharmacological preparations into the cavity of the affected joint is not allowed.

Precautionary measures

Side effects.
For intra-articular injections:
Sodium hyaluronate has excellent tolerability. Non-toxic, non-mutagenic.
The following adverse reactions in most cases disappear after several days:

  • local secondary pains, sensation of heat, redness and swelling in the joint into which the preparation was injected (applying ice to the joint for five to ten minutes will help remove these undesirable effects);
  • slight intraarticular exudation;
  • allergic reactions are very rarely observed.


Sodium Hyaluronate (Gilan) - A polysaccharide identical to human hyaluronan. 2 ml of solution contain: 20 mg of sodium hyaluronate in phosphate buffer.

Mode of application

The drug is administered intra-articularly.
Intra-articular injections of FERMATRON should be made exclusively in specialized medical institutions.

Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis.
Introduction FERMATRON should be carried out at room temperature.
Introduced strictly into the articular space. The contents of the syringe are intended for single use only.
Depending on the size of the joint, up to 2 ml of 1% sodium hyaluronate solution should be injected into the joint cavity once a week for 3 to 5 weeks in a row. Several joints can be treated at the same time. The maximum recommended dose is six injections.
The therapeutic effect lasts 6 months or more since the last injection.
Repeated treatment cycles can be carried out on request. The interval between courses must be at least 4 weeks.