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Easyabl pregnancy test easy 2pcs

There are general rules for the use of tests Cliable. Each has its own instruction.

The Clearblue pregnancy test is properly used as follows:
Store at room temperature, away from sunlight.

Use only once, not reused!
Before use, carefully open the package and remove the contents, then discard the package.

To carry out the procedure in the morning, if necessary, you can repeat the next day. Another option is possible if urgent execution is necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčinitially done in the evening, then repeat in the morning. Do not forget that the highest concentration of hCG is in the morning, which means that the test will be more reliable.

Try to use on the eve of the least possible liquid products and water.
All tests are jet, act instantly, there is no need to collect urine. But if it is important and convenient for someone to collect urine in a container, this can be done, moreover, it is necessary to immerse the strip in the test liquid to the required mark. But this method is more laborious and takes more personal time.

After performing the manipulation, the device must be closed with a protective cap and it should lie in the closed state and on a horizontal surface (on a table or on the floor) for the required period of time.

When using a Clearblue EASY pregnancy test with a colored tip, the absorbing tip turns pink, which indicates that the sample was correctly carried out, and clear results indicating the presence (+ sign) or no (pregnancy sign) of pregnancy will appear in just 2 minutes

The device itself is always necessary to keep the tip down while performing the procedure.
After completing the procedure, the test is discarded in a place for waste disposal.
If necessary, you can repeat the manipulation after at least three days.


Indications for the use of devices Kliablu very simple. This definition of possible pregnancy in the presence of delayed onset of menstruation, preferably on the first day of the delay or during the first week. When using an electronic test, it is possible to obtain results in weeks of pregnancy


The use of tests is contraindicated in some cases. The instruction details the contraindications. Basically it is taking any medications that increase the level of the necessary hormone in the blood and urine.

The main contraindications for the use of tests:
Taking drugs that increase the level of hCG (some combined oral contraceptive drugs, drugs that stimulate ovulation).
The recent discontinuation of the above drugs.
Recent pregnancy, including ectopic localization, and / or miscarriage (abortion).
Cystic diseases of the ovaries, uterus and cervix.
Tumor uterine diseases (myomatous nodes).
Endometrial processes.
Menopausal and postmenopausal period.