Frautest Candida test for determining thrush


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Frautest Candida test for determining thrush

Almost 75% of women of reproductive age suffer at least one episode of vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush) throughout their lives, and 40-50% of them have at least one relapse. Every fourth adult woman (25%) with complaints of discharge from the genital tract found fungi of the genus Candida. And almost 5 to 10% suffer from chronic candidiasis.
Symptoms of candidiasis: severe itching, soreness in the vagina, irritation, burning sensation that may increase with urination, copious white curdled discharge, pain during intercourse.
But it must be remembered that a number of infectious and non-infectious diseases can cause similar symptoms, and incorrect diagnosis and self-treatment lead to an increased risk of developing immunity to certain drugs, delaying appropriate treatment and increasing the risk of developing complications.
One of the fastest diagnostic methods for determining this disease is the test for determining FRAUTEST thrush, it can be used independently before going to a doctor, and also allows you to save money by limiting the use of unnecessary or inappropriate drugs for self-treatment.
The accuracy of the method is 90%.

Operating principle

The test is based on an immune method in which Candida antigens interact with specific antibodies to Candida, linked to blue latex particles in a fluid flow, to form a blue stripe.
The presence of a blue band in the test zone indicates a positive result. Latex particles interact below the test area with other specific antibodies, forming a control strip. The blue bar in the control area indicates the correctness of the test.

Advantages of the test:

- Independent monitoring of vaginal discharge and timely access to a doctor.
- One of the ways to limit the abuse of OTC antifungal drugs unsuitable for self-medication.
- Postdiagnosis of the effectiveness of antifungal therapy course.
- The presence of other pathogens does not affect the test result.
- Testing can be done anytime and anywhere.
Manufacturer: Savyon Diagnostics Ltd, Israel

Mode of application

one.Open the foil pouch, remove the test and place it on a horizontal surface. 2. Holding the test with one hand, with the other, carefully remove the foil cap that covers the color cap. ATTENTION! The color cap contains liquid. 3. Open the individual packaging with a sterile swab applicator. 4. Insert the tampon applicator into the vagina to a depth of 2 cm. Gently rotate the tampon for 20 seconds. Carefully remove it from the vagina. 5. Place the swab in the hole of the color cap, and rotate it for 20 seconds. 6. Carefully remove the swab applicator by pressing it against the inner wall of the colored cap. Throw a tampon. ATTENTION! Do not leave the tampon applicator in the cap during further testing. 7. While holding the test with one hand, turn the color cap with the other in the direction indicated by the arrow (counterclockwise): a quarter turn until it stops. The recesses of the upper and lower parts of the cap must match. Then return the cap to its original position. 8. Repeat step 7 2 more times. In the final position, the recesses of the upper and lower parts of the cap must match. 9. Evaluate the result after 10 minutes, but no later than 20 minutes.