IHA-Marijuana-Factor test for the diagnosis of marijuana in the urine


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IHA-Marijuana-Factor test for the diagnosis of marijuana in the urine

Special features

The sensitivity of the determination (the minimum detectable concentration) is marijuana - 50 ng / ml.

Pharmaceutical action

The definition is based on the principle of immunochromatographic analysis, in which the analyzed sample is absorbed by the absorbing sections of the Strip; when marijuana (or its metabolites) are present in a sample, it reacts with specific monoclonal antibodies to marijuana bound to colloidal gold particles, forming an antigen-antibody complex. This complex reacts competitively with the conjugate of marijuana, immobilized in the test area of ​​the Strip, forming a pink line in the test area.

special instructions

When determining marijuana, some related compounds (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more than 10 ng / ml, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, more than 10 ng / ml, and cannabinol, more than 10 ng / ml) give a positive reaction at a level equal to or greater than the indicated .

Precautionary measures

The potential risk of using the Strip Kit is grade 2a.
All components of the Strip Kit at the concentrations used are non-toxic.
When working with a set of strips, it is necessary to observe the “Rules of device, safety, industrial hygiene, anti-epidemic regime and personal hygiene when working in laboratories (departments, departments) of sanitary-epidemiological institutions of the system of the Ministry of Health of the USSR” (Moscow, 1981).
When carrying out the determination, one should wear disposable rubber or plastic gloves, since the examined human urine samples should be considered as potentially infected, capable of containing the causative agents of any infections.

Mode of application

The analyzed urine samples and the ICA-MARIHUANA-FACTOR Strips should be brought to room temperature (+ 18-25 ° C) before the analysis.
Into a clean, dry container, add an analyzed sample of human urine (1.5-2.0 ml).
Open the packaging of the Strip, tearing it along the slot, remove the Strip and immerse it vertically with the arrow into the urine to the limit line for 20-30 seconds.
Remove the strip from the urine, put it on a flat clean dry surface with the test area up and after 5 minutes visually assess the result of the reaction.

Interpretation of results:

The detection in the test zone of two parallel lines of pink color indicates a negative result of the analysis, i.e. indicates that there is no marijuana urine (or its metabolites) in the analyzed sample or its concentration is below the threshold value
(50 ng / ml).
The detection of a pink line in the test zone indicates a positive result of the analysis, i.e. indicates that in the analyzed urine sample the concentration of marijuana (or its metabolites) is equal to or above 50 ng / ml.
In the event that the lines of pink color are not detected within 5 minutes in the test zone, the result of the analysis is considered invalid; at the same time the analysis should be repeated using another Strip.