ImmunoChrom-3-Multi-Express (a set of tests for 3 types of drugs in the urine)


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ImmunoChrom-3-Multi-Express (a set of tests for 3 types of drugs in the urine)

A set of immunochromatographic tests for drugs for the simultaneous detection of three narcotic compounds in human urine:morphine, marijuana, amphetamine.This method allows for a short time, anonymously, without using laboratory equipment, i.e. at home to determine the presence of narcotic drugs or their decay products in the urine.
Before applying the test, you must collect urine in a clean, dry container. Then take out the multipanel and plastic pipette. Pipette a small amount of urine (3-4 drops) and make a window (color) on the panel. Rate result in 10-15 minutes, but not later than 30 minutes.
Interpretation of results:
Negative: The appearance of two dark lines - the drug is not detected.
If the test strip is viewed weak, not clear the second band - The level of the drug in the urine sample is close to the threshold level of sensitivity. This is also a negative result.
Positive: The appearance of only one dark line - the drug is detected.
The principle of operation is based on immunochromatographic analysis, in which narcotic substances or their decay products in the analyzed urine sample compete with narcotic substances and their metabolites immobilized on an immunochromatographic strip on a porous membrane for a limited amount of antibodies.
After the strip has been immersed in the urine under test, the capillary action causes the urine to rise along the membrane and if there is a drug (or its metabolite) - “antigen” in the sample, it reacts with specific monoclonal antibodies to the drug. They are interconnected, forming a strong bond "antigen-antibody". This complex can not enter into a reaction of binding to the antigen, which is applied on the test zone of the strip, while the pink band in the test zone is not ’detected.
The presence of this colored strip in the test area suggests a negative result. This bar appears in the control area, if the analysis is carried out correctly.
Sensitivity for morphine 300 ng / ml; marijuana - 50 ng / ml; amphetamine - 1000 ng / ml; Ecstasy - 500 ng / ml.

Special features

Precautionary measures

1. Use only once.
2For external use. Do not ingest.
3. This test strip determines only the qualitative composition, does not determine the quantitative.
4. Do not use if the bag is torn or badly sealed.
5. To obtain reliable results, you must strictly follow the instructions for use.