Chikko thermometer electronic small DIGI PEDIATRIC


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Chikko Thermometer Electronic Small DIGI PEDIATRIC

The Chicco Digi Pediatrico thermometer is designed to measure the temperature of a child. Thanks to a convenient display and a sound signal, it makes the temperature reading as simple as possible.
Packed in a hard transparent case.

Warranty 3 months.

Electronic thermometer provides measurement accuracy with an error of up to 0.1 C.

Temperature measurement with an electronic thermometer has features compared with a mercury thermometer and requires precise adherence to instructions.
Incorrect use of the thermometer may lead to distorted readings.

If you measure temperature in the armpit, follow these rules:

  • The armpit must be wiped dry.
  • Electronic thermometer must be inserted under the arm until it stops, at an angle of 45 degrees (as opposed to a mercury thermometer, which has only a tip inserted and an angle of 90 °
  • It is necessary to clamp the thermometer very tightly in the armpit - for this child it is better to hold on his hands and firmly press his hand to his body for 3-5 minutes
  • The measurement time in an electronic thermometer, as in a mercury thermometer, varies with temperature. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the thermometer under your arm for a few minutes after the beep, to ensure that the measurement result is final.

Attention! The differences between the readings of the mercury and the electronic thermometer are due to the fact that in many countries the rectal or oral method of temperature measurement is traditional.

The difference in readings does not exceed 0.4 degrees and is fixed (does not depend on the measured temperature).

In comparison with a mercury thermometer, electronic has an undeniable advantage - complete safety for the child.