Nook Thermometer Ocean


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Nook Baby Thermometer Ocean

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The Nuk Ocean thermometer is made in a colorful version of an impact-resistant material, and natural and safe rapeseed oil serves as a temperature measuring fluid. The thermometer has a high accuracy of temperature measurement and an illustrative scale indicating what temperature is ideal for bathing a baby.

Pediatricians recommend up to 6 months to bathe the child daily in plain water, and with the use of baby soap or baby bath foam - once a week. The water temperature should not exceed 37 ° C, it should be measured with a special water bath thermometer and be sure to check with your elbow.
NUK bath thermometer is designed to accurately measure the temperature of the water in the bathroom.

  • clear temperature measurement scale (37 ° C / 98.6 ° F);
  • completely safe: it uses natural rapeseed oil instead of mercury;
  • accurate temperature measurement;
  • unique design NUK;
  • shockproof.
  • Bath thermometer has 5 colors:
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • Gray;
  • crimson;
  • blue.


Always check the temperature of the water with your hand before you bathe your baby!