Armed / Armed mattress anti-decubitus TUBULAR


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Armed / Armed mattress anti-decubitus TUBULAR

The most affordable anti-decubitus balloon-type system. Designed to care for bedridden patients. The air compressor alternately pumps and blows off the mattress chambers, thus the pressure on the surface of the bed patient is constantly changing. Blood circulation is normalized, which prevents the occurrence of pressure sores.



  • The mattress is an anti-decubitus system consisting of a mattress and a compressor.
  • Mattress from easily washable rubberized fabric 18 air chambers in the form of cylinders.
  • Variable pressure is created due to the pump, which through the tubes supplies air alternately, in a given rhythm, to various mattress cylinders.
  • Waterproof protective sheet included.
  • Adjustment of pressure depending on the weight of the patient.
  • The effect of continuous massage.
  • Simple and clear control system.
  • The compressor can be placed on the floor or on the side railing of the bed.