Fosta / Fosta F 8055 Pillow inflatable universal with anti-decubitus effect (46 * 41)


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Fosta / Fosta F 8055 Inflatable cushion universal with anti-decubitus effect (46 * 41)

The pillow is designed for use with prolonged immobilization of patients, with various trophic disorders of soft tissues, with a long bed period. Additionally, the pillow can be used to transport bed patients.

The pillow can be used as a supplementing element that removes the load on the soft tissues on the seat in a wheelchair (under the pelvis and perineum).


  • Pillow - inflatable, made of special composite materials.
  • The massage and relieving effect of this pillow on soft tissues allows to improve blood circulation and improve their trophism.
  • First, for use, you must inflate the pillow through a special valve.
  • After inflating the cushion, it is necessary to close the valve.
  • After using the pillow, it is necessary to bleed air by opening the valve.


Overall dimensions: 460х410 mm