Mattress massage antidecubital MT-302


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Anti-decubitus massage mattress MT-302

Mattress massage antidecubital MT-302

The mattress is a high-quality massage system, which includes a mattress consisting of 17 cylinders, divided into two groups and an automatic compressor with a pressure regulator, which provides cyclic air injection into each of the groups of cylinders. The product provides not only a decrease in pressure on the patient’s body tissues, but also a massage effect and prevention of the occurrence of pressure sores due to cyclical changes in pressure on various parts of the body.

Contents of delivery

  • compressor;
  • connecting hose;
  • mattress;
  • cover;
  • user's manual.

pressure range
40 to 100 mm. Hg st.
compressor weight 1.4 kg, mattress weight 4.6 kg
power consumption 5 W
maximum load 130 kg
dimensions of the compressor are 260x120x115 mm, the size of the mattress is 2300x900x60 mm
power supply 220V / 50 Hz
cycle time 10 minutes
laser perforation, for additional cooling of the patient's body, mattress material: special textiles, 1 year warranty