Ortoforma antidecubital mattress with compressor M-0007


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Orthoform Antidecubital Mattress with Compressor M-0007

Anti-decubitus mattress M-0007 -

This is an updated model that applies to cellular type products. Made of high quality hypoallergenic polyvinyl chloride. It is completed with the compressor for the inflation which is working from the power supply network 220V. Maximum load - 135 kg. It is not exacting in leaving.
Indications for use:
  • prevention of the formation of pressure sores;
  • burns;
  • spinal diseases: osteochondrosis, spondylolithesis, etc .;
  • fractures of the processes of the vertebrae.

Contraindications to the use recommended to discuss with your doctor. Officially, the product has no side effects.

The advantages of using anti-decubitus mattress M-0007:

  • constant back massage;
  • activation of blood circulation in soft tissues and the epidermis;
  • prevention of the formation of pressure sores;
  • treating them in the early stages.