Rubber lining dia. 39cm


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Rubber lining circle d.39k

The main advantages of the base plate "Alpina Plast":
  • Easily inflated mouth without the use of improvised means.
  • Material - hypoallergenic PVC, does not contain toxic and allergic elements.
  • It has a velvety surface to avoid diaper rash in places of contact with the skin.
  • The optimum diameter is 39 cm for most applications.
  • Ability to adjust the stiffness and height of the circle.
  • Maintains a load of more than 150 kg.

Packing: 1 piece
Diameter: 39 cm / 14 cm
Material: PVC

Medical cage is the most affordable, safe and effective means of preventing and combating pressure sores and necrosis of human body tissues. The backing plate is also used to restore the patient after operations on the rectum, with a tailbone injury and to relieve the load on the perineum with hemorrhoids.

Using the circle Alpina Plast does not cause discomfort to the patient - the circle is enclosed directly under the skin area under pressure. The degree of rigidity of the underlay is easily adjustable, and the velvety surface promotes ventilation of the skin directly at the points of contact.