Urinal bedside disposable VOGT MEDICAL 2l


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Urinal bedside disposable VOGT MEDICAL 2l

Bedside urinals are designed to collect urine through the catheter from the bladder. Urinals Vogt Medical (Germany) are used in stationary conditions when the patient is in a lying state. The urinal is attached to the patient's bed. Sterile, disposable.

Properties and Benefits

  1. universal adapter allows you to securely connect to the urinary catheter.
  2. the outlet tube, resistant to bends, (90 cm) makes it possible to conveniently place the urinal, and the reinforced fastening holes on the bag - to fix in an upright position the urinal.
  3. The bag of urinal is equipped with a special non-return valve that prevents the reverse flow of urine, significantly reducing the risk of developing an ascending infection.
  4. The volume of collected fluid is easily read from the scale located on the front translucent side of the urinal.
  5. the drain valve allows urine to be sampled for analysis and to empty the bedside urine as needed

The urinal consists of

  1. universal adapter.
  2. urine bag with flap.
  3. 90 cm bypass tube
  4. drain cock.

Production material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC).