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Vapor tube n15

The gas outlet tube is used when a baby accumulates in the intestines of gas, there is flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation.

Its diameter depends on the age of the child: N 15 and 16 for newborns (tubes of the narrowest diameter, but without a hole); sizes 17 and 18, of larger diameter, but with the presence of an additional, third hole, on the side (two entrances / exits at the ends of the tube and one “side” closer to the end of the gas outlet, to the part of it that comes in the ass). It is better to take the size of 17-18, with an extra hole.

Application Methods

Before the procedure, wash your hands, put oilcloth, and on top diaper.
First you should boil the straw. After that, let cool, grease the rounded hole with Vaseline, boiled vegetable oil, baby cream.

The older child should be laid on the left side, and the legs tightly lead to the stomach. Children of the first months of life laid back.
For newborns, the vent tube is placed no deeper than 3–4 cm. For children of 1 year old, no deeper than 5–6 cm.

Carefully, with a rotary motion, insert the vent tube into the anus and leave for 5 minutes.
Twist the inserted tube in the ass baby. The tube must be held. After the discharge of gases or feces, wash the child, wash the tube. On average, the discharge of feces takes 10 minutes. If you are not sure that you understand whether the gases have escaped or not, lower one end into a basin of water. If bubbles come, it means the gases have moved away.

Re-use of the vapor tube for newborns is allowed no earlier than in 3-4 hours.
After the discharge of gas and fecal masses of the child must be undermined.
Setting the gas tube to a child is an extreme case!

Remember that self-setting the vent tube can be dangerous for your child. Optimally, to do this doctor.

Possible complications:

- wound mucous membrane of the rectum, followed by bleeding,
- intestinal perforation followed by peritonitis and bleeding.

You can not put the gas outlet, if the child has a disease of the rectum or you suspected bleeding! Never leave your baby unattended during the procedure.