Windy gas venting tube for newborns (Windi) 10pcs


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Windy gas venting tube for newborns (Windi) 10pcs

Most newborn babies face such a problem as the appearance of excess gases, which are formed in each person during the digestion process. Gazik are the most natural thing in nature!

Many kids from gases easily get rid of themselves, at the same time as the rest it causes great difficulties. These difficulties can lead to colic. Colic and problems of excessive gas formation of babies can disturb up to six months. It often happens that the parents of a newborn child with such problems have to fight daily, as a rule, those moments when a baby falls asleep or eats, and a calm baby is known - parents are calm.
Parents of children who suffer from excessive gas and colic can help them deal with this problem with an effective and simple means - a rectal catheter. Massaging the baby’s tummy and then using the Windi rectal catheter will help the baby to get rid of unnecessary gas, bringing him relief. This device will return peace and quiet to your home. Windi Rectal Catheter - first aid newborn babies with gaziki.

Windi was developed and patented by the Swedish company Astra Tech, a subsidiary of the international pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Windi is a rectal catheter designed for single use in order to rid babies of excess gas. During its development, primary attention was paid to the issue of children's health and safety. Windi is designed so that any parent who does not have special medical qualifications and training can help their child get rid of excess gases.

The Windi catheter does not have any loose parts. Specially calculated length of the catheter allows you to reach the muscle, which does not allow gases to go outside. At the same time, its special configuration helps to avoid introducing too deep. The Windi catheter is soft enough and flexible, with a smooth, rounded end.